Halifax 48 Hour Film Project


Ekphrasis Studio is proud supporter of the 1st annual event, the Halifax 48 Hour Film Project!

On Sept. 23, 7 teams got together to make a short film over a weekend. The main elements were: character- Peter or Petra Henson/ Cook, line of dialogue “I can’t believe we did that” and prop- a seashell.

Participating teams: Flimsy Films, League of Shadows, Willy’s, Gravy Train, Our Story in Our Voice, Not a Rush Job Productions and Halifax Studios.

The best of Halifax film Chowder will represent Halifax at Filmapalooza, Seatle, March 2016.

Jury: Michael McCormack, Dough Karr and Koumbie

1st Place- Chowder by Gravy Train

2nd Place- Broken by Halifax Studios

Audience favorite- Chowder by Gravy Train

Best editing- A for Adulting by Flimsy Films

Best Directing- Chowder by Gravy Train

Best Cinematography- Chowder by Gravy Train

Best Acting- A for Adulting by Flimsy Films

Best Use of Prop- Dutch is the Lify by Willy’s

Best Use of Line- Broken by Halifax Studios