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Ekphrasis also means “to relate another art by defining and describing the essence and form of that original art in order to “speak to you” through its illuminative liveliness

Ekphrasis Studio is a not for profit organisation was co-established in 2008, Tirana, Albania by Blerina Berberi and Kevin Tummers, re-organized in August, 2014 in Tirana with the Ekphrasis Arts & Cultural Center DitArt and established also in Canada in January, 2014, increasing our motivated & dedicated team, all graduated, travel and work internationally. Our  main field of work is focused, but not only, in making projects and ideas  happen through:


Grant application, financial support for implementation, dissemination and evaluation of creative works and projects. Keen on cooperation and multi-cultural and international activities in any traditional or digital form. Feel free to contact us if you have any ideas for cooperation.

Research & Publications
Our research is focused on the management and economy of the creative world, the laws and strategies related to what was and will be our cultural heritage, and understanding how the market and technology are related to our economical and cultural symbols.

Individual, community or co-operative incentives are supported through conferences, workshops, lectures, courses, events and exhibitions. Digitization and exchange of our information about culture, laws and economies are among our key interests. Ekphrasis Studio has communication to a wide national and international network from media (newspapers, journalists, TV channels), arts and heritage (artists and organizations).

Sharing information is important to the understanding of our culture, economy and laws. Tourism is key to sharing our experiences, and in order to support our multicultural communities and environments, well thought strategies are needed for a sustainable development.

Working to build an environment where ideas, individuals and management come together through research, communication and consultations to support creative ideas, projects, products,  education and various activities, therefore increasing the artistic quality of life for everyone!

Please, feel free to visit us at our cultural center, DitArt in Tirana, Albania

Tirana, Albania &  Nova Scotia, Canada

E-mail: contact@ekphrasisstudio.com 

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