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Tide Kite is an awesome kite flying event taking place during low tide on the ocean grounds of Nova Scotia. In Summer 2017, it will take place at Belliveau Cove, Clare. Kite Days @ Belliveau Cove start June 25, meeting at the Farmer’s Market, and every other Sunday until September 10, when the festival takes place.
Our goal is to organize kite events during low tide in several locations in the province of Nova Scotia. Contact us if you want to organize Tide Kite Days and Festival in your area tidekitefest@gmail.com
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19105840_820024274831029_4741919912978442889_nTideKite Days and Festival agenda 2017 Belliveau Cove


Exhibition- Art & the added value of money

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Halifax 48 Hour Film Project

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Ekphrasis Studio is proud supporter of the 1st annual event, the Halifax 48 Hour Film Project!

On Sept. 23, 7 teams got together to make a short film over a weekend. The main elements were: character- Peter or Petra Henson/ Cook, line of dialogue “I can’t believe we did that” and prop- a seashell.

Participating teams: Flimsy Films, League of Shadows, Willy’s, Gravy Train, Our Story in Our Voice, Not a Rush Job Productions and Halifax Studios.

The best of Halifax film Chowder will represent Halifax at Filmapalooza, Seatle, March 2016.

Jury: Michael McCormack, Dough Karr and Koumbie

1st Place- Chowder by Gravy Train

2nd Place- Broken by Halifax Studios

Audience favorite- Chowder by Gravy Train

Best editing- A for Adulting by Flimsy Films

Best Directing- Chowder by Gravy Train

Best Cinematography- Chowder by Gravy Train

Best Acting- A for Adulting by Flimsy Films

Best Use of Prop- Dutch is the Lify by Willy’s

Best Use of Line- Broken by Halifax Studios



MIXOLOGY Exhibition/ Ekspozite

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mixology exhibit poster

SHQIP & ITALIAN- me poshte

MIXOLOGY Exhibition- The Albanian artist Dritan Mardodaj and the Swiss artist Tanja Laeri have collaborated to exhibit their works at Ditart International and Community Culture Center in Tirana. Both artists find interest in historical and political themes, and there is some parallelism to their works, such as Dritan Mardodaj’s ready-made “Leadership, no more communism please” and Tanja Laeri’s “Red toilet” are works with the same attitude toward communism, an expression of a whimsically smile. The title of the exhibition “Mixology” represents the variety of subjects and the mixed media the artists work with. In this dual show, Mardodaj exhibits some of his photographs and ready-mades, and Laeri shows some of the paintings and sketches in progress, which are part of her work in Tirana, during the three month residency with Ekphrasis Studio.
The exhibition “MIXOLOGY” will be at Ditart Culture Center, “Mustafa Lleshi” street, Nr. 41, Tirana, Albania. Free entry. 20 – 22 August 2016, 18:00 – 21:00.

Ekspozita MIXOLOGY
Artisti shqiptar Dritan Mardodaj dhe artistja zvicerane Tanja Laeri, kanë bashkpunuar sëbashku për të ekspozuar disa prej punimeve të tyre në Qëndrën KulturoreKomunitare dhe Ndërkombëtare Ditart, në Tiranë. Që të dy artistët në punimet e tyre kanë gjetur interes për tema historike dhe politike, dhe në punimet e tyre ka një lloj paralelizmi, si ready/made i Dritan Mardodaj “Leadership, no more communism please” Udhëheqje, jo më komunism të lutem, dhe “Red toilet”, “WC e kuqe” e Tanja Laerit, janë vepra me qëndrim të ngjashëm ndaj komunizmit, dhe janë shprehi kapriçoze kundrejt regjimeve dikatoriale. Titulli i ekspozitës “Mixology” përfaqson larminë e subjekteve dhe të mediumeve të ndryshme me të cilat ata punojnë. Në këtë ekspozitë dyshe, Mardodaj ekspozon disa nga fotografitë dhe ready/madet e tij, ndërsa Laeri disa prej tablove të saj, dhe gjithashtu do të jet e pranishme duke pikturuar, punë të cilat janë pjesë e projektit rezidencial me Ekphrasis Studio. Ekspozita “Mixology” do të mbahet në Qendrën Kulturore Ditart, Rruga Mustafa Lleshi nr.41, Tiranë, Shqipëri. Hyrja është falas. 20 / 22 gusht, 2016, 18:00 / 21:00.

L’artista albanese Dritan Mardodaj e l’artista svizzera Tanja Laeri, hanno collaborato insieme in un progetto mostra d’arte contemporanea presso gli ambienti del Centro Sociale e Culturale Internazionale, Ditart a Tirana. Ambe due gli artisti nelle loro opere hanno trovato alcuni interessi in comune riguardo alle tematiche storiche e politiche, e nei loro lavori c’è una sorta di similitudini e parallelismo, come nel ready-made “Leadership, no more communism please” (Leadership, per favore basta col comunismo) di Dritan, e nel “Red toilet” (WC rosso) di Tanja, le quali sono delle opere con una simile posizione ed espressione capricciosa contro i regimi dittatoriali. Il titolo della mostra “Mixology” rappresenta la varietà dei soggetti e dei diversi medium con i quali essi operano. In questa doppia mostra, Mardodaj espone alcune delle sue fotografie e dei suoi ready-made, mentre Laeri alcuni dei suoi quadri e inoltre sarà presente dipingendo anche durante gli orari d’apertura della mostra, che è parte del suo lavoro nel progetto di residential artist presso l’Ekphrasis Studio.




Ekspozita “LIDHJET” Vilhelm Aagaard/ Exhibition “Relations” by Vilhelm Aagaard

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Exhibition RELATIONS
Vilhelm Aagaard
Born 1959 – Copenhagen, Denmark
Vilhem’s motive in the world revolves around human relationships and the landscape that surrounds us and is within us, or as he states “It is the blind spot I try to identify through art”. Creativity started as a bolt from the sky. The media images of the Kosovo war during the 90’s marked an important call for the artist to express his perspective on our human relationships. Vilhelm works with selfinvented techniques, and his paintings have thick and bold brush strokes, thicker than you think.
Do not miss the opportunity to see original works during the exhibition at DITART.
DITART International & Community Culture Center
Str. Mustafa Lleshi, Nr. 41,Tirana, Albania
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Exhibition RELATIONS- Ekspozita LIDHJET
Ekspozita LIDHJET
Vilhelm Aagaard
Lindur me 1959- Kopenhagen, Danimark
Motivi i Vilhelmit ndaj botes rrotullohet rreth lidhjeve dhe marredhenieve ndermjet njerezve and pejsazheve qe na rrethojne ose jane brenda nesh, ose sic thote artisti “Eshte Pika e Verber qe une perpiqem te identifikoj ndermjet artit”. Krijmtaria filloi si nje vetetime nga qielli. Imazhet e medias gjate luftes ne Kosove ne vitet 90-te shenuan nje thirrje te rendesishme per artistin per te shprehur perspektiven e tij ndaj lidhjeve dhe marredhenieve njerezore. Vilhem punon me teknika te shpikura vete dhe pikturat e tij kane penelata te trasha, me te trasha se cmund te mendoni.
Mos e humbni mundesine per te pare veprat origjinale gjate ekspozites tek DITART.
DITART Qender Kulture Nderkombetare dhe Komunitare
Rr. Mustafa Lleshi, Nr. 41,Tirana, Albania
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Tomatofest 2015, Nictaux, NS, CA

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An event celebrating the diverse kinds of tomatoes grown by Annapolis Seeds in Nictaux, Nova Scotia. Over 120 varieties featured. Annapolis Seeds is a Bioregional Seed Bank for the Maritimes – Maintaining, selecting and developing a diversity of seeds to thrive in our climate.


Sharg Harbour UFO Museum, Nova Scotia, CA

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Video log of visit to Shag Harbour UFO Museum and crash site.

The Museum is supported by a group of dedicated volunteer workers of the Shag Harbour UFO Incident Society. http://www.shagharbourufo.com/
The Shag Harbour UFO incident was the reported impact of an unknown large object into waters near Shag Harbour, a tiny fishing village in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia on October 4, 1967. The reports were investigated by various civilian (Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canadian Coast Guard) and military (Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force) agencies of the Government of Canada and the U.S. Condon Committee. Shag Harbour is equivalent in stature in Canada as the Roswell UFO incident is in the United States.