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JUNE 2014


SHARECULTURE! TV (ALBANIA) and Ekphrasis Studio supported the 48 Hour Film Project in Tirana.  The 2014 edition featured 11 groups, preparing short films in 48 hours, from start to finish.  Groups were from Albania, Kosovo and Greece.  Watch the videos on SHARECULTURE! TV.


video award paint

ShareCulture!TV presents the Albanian Video Award for an original video production.

Prize: 500 euros

Deadline: Feb. 1. 2014.

For more information:


SHARE CULTURE! TV brings together cultural organizations from Italy, Spain, Malta and Albania, researching new modes of artistic and cultural communication and inviting Europeans to think deeply about how we share and navigate daily culture.

The driving research elements behind SHARE CULTURE! TV seek to discover how we can document and what we can share to reveal the underlying mechanics of human art in public and private spaces and communicating an essential part of what it is happening in each specific country involved in the project, and beyond.

Supported by European Commission, SHARE CULTURE! TV will be presented in Spring 2013 in Valletta (Malta) and Trento (Italy), and was presented in Prizren (Kosovo) in Fall 2013. The project will be produced throughout 2013 and 2014.




ShareCulture!TV presents the Albanian Video Award for an original video production.

Prize: 500 euros

Deadline: Feb. 1. 2014.

For more information:


JUNE 2013.

ShareCulture!TV will be presenting a workshop on Citizen Journalism this June in Tirana, Albania.

    phone cam    digital cam hand       handicam

Dates: Saturday June 8 – 9:00am-2:00pm & Saturday June 15 – 10:00am-1:00pm

Topics: Citizen Journalism, different camera uses, filming basics, script writing, group work, editing, video production, etc.

After learning the basics, participants will be expected to produce a short video to be posted on, and will be awarded a certificate for completing the workshop.

To sign up, or for more information, please contact us –

Hurry, as space is limited to 30!!!


Share Culture

“Inside Out” Placemaking in Tirana, AL

Public Art in Tirana, Albania – made by the public.
The artwork entitled ‘Inside Out” consists of a series of wall sections decorated to resemble things found inside a home. The large mosaic is inspired by the Albanian carpets and makes up 3 ‘carpets’, with a fourth ‘carpet’ next to it, as though being hung to dry on the wall. The piece also contains 2 mirrored mosaics, and 1 chalk board to encourage citizen interaction. The artist is Jedidjah Slagter, who was assisted by members of the local community from age 14 to 70 years. The artwork was made possible through the cooperation of community members, personal funding, and neighborly labour. This project has no relation to Municipal or State government, and was supported by the artist,  Ekphrasis Studio and Tedi, Rein, Juna, Dave, Ferid and all the viewers.

ART. 1

Art. 1 is a touring exhibition from some of Sweden’s more prominent museums, with accounts and reflections of the history and contemporary life of LGBT persons. The participating museums are The Swedish Police Museum, The Royal Armoury, The Nobel Museum, The National Museum of Science and Technology, The National Sports Museum, and The Swedish History Museum. These contributions are complemented with works from the Albanian exhibition Hide and Seek and objects and stories of the Albanian LGBT community.
Taking the first article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as its point of departure, Art. 1 wants to take a small step in the long struggle to secure equal rights for all mankind.
This video has been created as part of the SHARECULTURE citizen journalism project to document and spread European culture online.

On the Brink of Freedom

This video was created as part of the workshop “Human Empowerment through Video Production” for ShareCulture!TV. The entire process from conception to completion took 12 working hours, and was filmed and produced at MCAST Institute of Art and Design in Malta. It is one of two videos produced during the workshop.

Cultural Policy and the City

Part 1 – Clips from Feb. 27 Cultural Forum in Prishtina.
This conference was made possible by Culturist & Forumi Kulturor, and was the first serious attempt to initiate dialogue between the independent cultural sector and the municipalities in Kosovo. The topic Cultural Policy and the City was examined in the contexts of city policies in Albania, Kosovo, (FYR) Macedonia and Serbia.

Stay tuned for Part 2

Tales from a Globalizing World Travelling Photo Exhibition

Tirana & Shkodra, Albania

KOMAN, Albania

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