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You are invited at the opening of the exhibition to meet with the artist, Vilhelm Aagaard, on Friday, October 16, 2015, 18:00 at DITART– International and Community Culture Center, Str. Mustafa Lleshi, Nr. 41, Tirana, Albania
Jeni te mirepritur ne hapjen e ekspozites per tu takuar me artistin, Vilhelm Aagaard, te Premten, 16 Tetor, 2015, ora 18:00 tek DITART– Qender Kulturore Komunitare dhe Nderkombetare, Rruga Mustafa Lleshi, Nr. 41, Tirane, Shqiperi.

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Exhibition RELATIONS
Vilhelm Aagaard
Born 1959 – Copenhagen, Denmark
Vilhelm’s motive in the world revolves around human relationships and the landscape that surrounds us and is within us, or as he states “It is the blind spot I try to identify through art”. Creativity started as a bolt from the sky. The media images of the Kosovo war during the 90’s marked an important call for the artist to express his perspective on our human relationships. Vilhelm works with selfinvented techniques, and his paintings have thick and bold brush strokes, thicker than you think.
Do not miss the opportunity to see original works during the exhibition at DITART. Oct. 16- Nov. 20, 2015. DITART International & Community Culture Center. Str. Mustafa Lleshi, Nr. 41,Tirana, Albania. 

Supported by www.EkphrasisStudio.com

Ekspozita LIDHJET
Vilhelm Aagaard
Lindur më 1959- Kopenhagen, Danimark http://vilhelmaagaard.dk/
Motivi i Vilhelmit ndaj botës rrotullohet rreth lidhjeve dhe marrëdhënieve ndërmjet njerëzve dhe pejsazheve që na rrethojnë ose janë brenda nesh, ose sic thotë artisti “Është Pika e Verbër që unë përpiqem të identifikoj ndërmjet artit”. Krijmtaria filloi si një vetëtimë nga qielli. Imazhet e medias gjatë luftes në Kosovë në vitet 90-të shënuan një thirrje të rëndësishme për artistin për të shprehur perspektivën e tij ndaj lidhjeve dhe marrëdhënieve njerëzore. Vilhem punon me teknika të shpikura vetë dhe pikturat e tij kanë penelata të trasha, më të trasha se çmund të mendoni.
16 Tetor- 20 Nëntor, 2015 @ DITART Qendër Kulture Ndërkombëtare e Komunitare, Rr. Mustafa Lleshi, Nr. 41, Tirana, Albania. Mbështetur nga www.EkphrasisStudio.com

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Tomatofest 2015, Nictaux, NS, CA

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An event celebrating the diverse kinds of tomatoes grown by Annapolis Seeds in Nictaux, Nova Scotia. Over 120 varieties featured. Annapolis Seeds is a Bioregional Seed Bank for the Maritimes – Maintaining, selecting and developing a diversity of seeds to thrive in our climate.

Sharg Harbour UFO Museum, Nova Scotia, CA

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Video log of visit to Shag Harbour UFO Museum and crash site.

The Museum is supported by a group of dedicated volunteer workers of the Shag Harbour UFO Incident Society. http://www.shagharbourufo.com/
The Shag Harbour UFO incident was the reported impact of an unknown large object into waters near Shag Harbour, a tiny fishing village in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia on October 4, 1967. The reports were investigated by various civilian (Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canadian Coast Guard) and military (Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force) agencies of the Government of Canada and the U.S. Condon Committee. Shag Harbour is equivalent in stature in Canada as the Roswell UFO incident is in the United States.

Networking lunch with Ray Ivany in Church Point, Nova Scotia

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Networking lunch with Ray Ivany in Church Point, Nova Scotia

This event was hosted by the CDÉNÉ in partnership with the Clare Chamber of Commerce, Argyle Chamber of Commerce and Université Sainte-Anne.

Ekphrasis Studio, Church Point, Nova Scotia.  On August 26, Ray Ivany spoke in the cafeteria of University Sainte-Anne during a lunch organized by the CDÉNÉ, which was attended by entrepreneurs, local governments, residents and others from the region. The discussion was in relation to the 2014 Ivany Report “Now or Never”, and aside from addressing specific examples and figures, points of his discussion involved revealing the human mentality in general, and the Nova Scotia mentality in particular.


Ivany began by noting that there is a common tendency among people when faced with a problem, to deny an issue exists, or to lie to themselves. He stressed that to move forward we must talk with honesty about our reality. The honest facts of the situation in Nova Scotia are around a 5% decline in population and up to 20% decrease in labour. These have left us with the lowest GDP in Canada. If the demographics speak for the future, the current demography of Nova Scotia does not show much success in store. He insists there is still time to create success, and if success is achieved, those communities who were catalysts will be the ones to profit most.

He also noted that there exist 2 distinct realities common in every community in the province. The first reality, is that every community has examples of great businesses, which are paired with a great location, resource, and existing population. Within this reality, these businesses exist because an entrepreneur recognized a desirable location and wanted to live there.

The other reality in every community is that regardless of whether there is an economy or not, we feel to be entitled to the best healthcare, schools, roads and infrastructure. This realty prevails because this is in fact how the province has been operating, as though the economy of the region is irrelevant and the elected officials will keep bringing bags of cash from the federal government in Ottawa, or the provincial government in Halifax. But what happens if/when that bag of government cash doesn’t show up?!

Transitioning back from a metaphor on tools, Ivany stated we must use new methods of solving and fixing, as our old tools, good as they may have once been, are no longer relevant or effective for the task ahead.

He noted that the business-facing functions of the government could be enhanced to work closer to the speed of business, rather at the speed of government, and the need of quickly finding solutions and solving problems.

Referencing the fork in the road dilemma, Ivany noted that too often in Nova Scotia the decision of which way to go has resulted in “stop, fight and don’t go anywhere.” The product of such actions essentially blocks any new ideas at Phase 1.

A major positive he sees in the 16 months since the Ivany Report’s release, is that people are still talking about it. However, he sees there is a lack of urgency in responding to the report’s findings and recommendations, as though we are waiting to see if things might just work out on their own.

Ultimately, Ivany’s message is one of more people, more businesses, more wealth, and that we should be comfortable with our own success, as well as the success of our neighbours. He says he’s agnostic to business, and that wealth creation is achieved through cooperation.

Following the talk was a brief round of questions and networking. (Lunch was buffet soup & sandwiches, and sweets). 

For the full report click here, or search online “Now or Never Nova Scotia”

Ekphrasis Studio is a non-profit arts management & creative industries consultancy organization, who co-authored the book Heritage for development in South-East Europe (2014) and have conducted many other artistic activities in Canada and Europe, including ShareCulture!TV citizen journalism for culture.


Upon reflecting, we do notice many similarities similarities between Nova Scotia and Albania, please feel free to read more, and stay tuned for upcoming articles!

“Stuck on Nostalgia”:  It seems as though many residents of this country wear “nostalgia glasses”. Just as sunglasses block out the sun, these Nostalgia glasses block out the present.”

Video Documentation “Acadie Mythique at Galerie Le Trécarré”

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Galerie Le Trécarré, Pointe de l’Église, Clare, Nova Scotia, 2015

Video documentation by Ekphrasis Studio

Video Documentation “Quilt Expo”, Saulnierville, NS,

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2015 footage of annual Saulnierville Quilt-Expo, Nova Scotia, CA. An amazing display of many Acadian quilts in St. Mary’s Bay, never miss the opportunity to visit this event!  Video and documentation by Ekphrasis Studio, July, 2015.


Triple Dance Exhibition / Ekspozita “Kërcimi Tresh”

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June 20-July 19 /  Daily 12:30-20:30

Triple Dance Exhibition / Ekspozita “Kërcimi Tresh”


DITART International & Community Culture Center

FINAL POSTERFacebook/ ANAITA web/ Ekphrasis Studio/ Ditart


ANAITA (Anita Duriçi) inspired and very curious about paintings and drawings, studied arts during her teenage years. She uses bright colors to stimulate the surfaces of images, people, landscapes, life. Inspired by reality, her paintings are noticed for the happiness and liveliness.
Being optimistic, Anaita plays with colors and shapes, everything that makes visible her imagination. Her artworks are a mirror where is reflected what we all have inside, a desire for life!

ANAITA (Anita Duriçi) e frymëzuar dhe shumë e interesuar për vizatim dhe pikturë që në femijëri, studioi artin gjatë viteve të adoleshencës. Ajo përdor ngjyra të ndritshme për të stimuluar përfaqësitë e imazheve, njerëzve, peisazheve, jetës. E frymëzuar nga realiteti në pikturat e saj spikat lumturia dhe gjallëria. Duke qenë natyrë optimiste, Anaita luan me ngjyra dhe forma, gjithçka që bën të dukshme imagjinatën e saj. Punët e saj janë një pasqyrë ku reflektohet ajo që të gjithë kemi brenda nesh, dëshira për jetën!