DITArt Center

DITArt is an internationally oriented community cultural center, made available by Ekphrasis Studio. It offers a space for creative minds, but not only, for meetings, workshops, exhibitions,  book promotions and other cultural events! Our creative interaction occurs not only indoors but also in alternative spaces by involving local and international communities, experts and the general public! Please, feel free to write to us contact@ekphrasistudio.com if you have any ideas or plans to organize events!

We offer to anyone interested for FREE, and welcome any donations, for:

  • Space for up to 1 week for events
  • Press releases, online media, photo and video documentation
  • Curating, coordinating, assistance in setting up
  • Design and printing materials, such as posters and flyers
  • Maintenance of space, internet, etc.



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eksfml - Copy (1)



Dialog me autorin poster

final poster exhibit

poster exhibit

Ditart - Fans de Franco Quiz I-1

POSTER SAMPLE contrast high


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  1. […] Ekphrasis Arts & Cultural Center DitArt was established in 2008 by Blerina Berberi and Kevin Tummers. Ekphrasis means “to relate another art by defining and describing the essence and form of that original art in order to “speak to you” through its illuminative liveliness.” It offers a space for creative minds, but not only, for meetings, workshops, exhibitions, book promotions, and other cultural events. Current events are listed on their official website. […]

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